What the press are saying..

“The East One dinner menu is all about comfort food, but with enough variety to keep things interesting. I feasted on the basics during a weeknight visit, and just about everything hit the spot. The Fried Chicken and Pickles—listed under “Starters and Shares” at the time, but categories seem to be in flux—was delicious, with big chunks of juicy, boneless thigh meat inside a crispy, seasoned skin, a crock of zingy white sauce for dipping. The Roasted Carrot Salad was also first-rate, relying as much on the bits of apple, charred Brussels sprouts, piles of chewy Einkorn grains and creamy feta as on the headlining root vegetables.

Order the Cheeseburger with confidence. It’s a thick, double-patty job, with lots of melted American, lettuce, onions, pickles, special sauce for added tang, and, if you choose (and you should) two slabs of smoky bacon. The fries hold their own as well. This is a very good plate of food.”

“A hallway leading to the rear of the eatery takes visitors to an impeccable dining area featuring 75 seats surrounding the glass-encased on-site roastery. The menu offers family-friendly modern comfort food.

The roastery and retail area provide a selection of freshly roasted coffee that customers can buy and brew at home. They currently offer two blends—an espresso blend and a drip blend. Visitors will have the opportunity to watch coffee being roasted in a high-tech Diedrich IR 12 Roaster by James Stahon, East One’s Head of Coffee.”

“East One Coffee Roasters is a wonderfully hybrid eatery that opened on a prominent corner of Brooklyn Carroll Gardens earlier this spring. The front space, perfect for latte sippers and wine glass clinkers, blends seamlessly with the rear dining room despite the latter being far from traditional and boasting a number of conversation-worthy characteristics.”

“As breakfast time gives way to lunch — it’s worth noting that East One has launched with separate weekend and weekday menus — the food menu transitions to appetizer plates and lunch entrees, while offering beer, wine and cocktails in addition to its coffee items. The Kitchen is being led by Will Ono, whose experience includes stints at New York’s Clocktower, Chez Moi and La Fonda del Sol.”